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At atj consulting, we are a team of young and talented people who do computer science because it’s fun, because it’s beautiful and mainly because we are all convinced the future belongs to new technologies.
Our team is composed of highly qualified associates, we all have graduated from many different Moroccan prestigious IT engineering schools. It’s true that we all started playing with the code & programming at a very young age, although, thanks to our dedication, International experience and the cumulated developer experience from the projects we worked on with our satisfied clients. We can proudly say that, as long as it’s related to IT, we are ready to work on your project.
We’re happy we have many projects to work on, thus, on many areas: e-commerce, transports, education, events, magazines, etc. We’ll help you define your needs, set a planning and design your product before making it real.

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Our products are clean, intuitive, elegant, and most of all, adapted to most of your electronic devices.
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Our Team

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First of all, our team will assist you define your needs no matter what your business is. We will understand and automate the process for a better use of you ressources.


Based on your requirements, we'll set a planning that fits your timing : Respecting the dead lines is our number one priority.


We make sure that our team's availability is at it's most during the launching perdiod of your product. In order to be ready to face any kind of difficulties.


As to inssure you a long term satisfaction, we maintain a total support with most of our clients even after the launch period.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you. Whether you need one of our products, or a product from scratch, send us your request, we promise we'll give it our best attention.

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